New World Territory Wars Guide

Some of you may know that in the oldest preview last year I spent about 70% to 80% of my time planning potential. Since it is a preview, a lot has been changed in this guide where I wanted to run you through everything that I know.

So let's go through this authentic guide about new world territory wars. 

How To Claim An Empty Territory With Gold

To get started the first thing you're going to want to do is buy yourself a territory. At the start of the game no one 's gonna earn any land, any territories the way you're going to get out of getting them is to purchase them. As far as we're aware it's going to cost around 10000 goals to buy the territories. This is essentially going to arise on a first come first serve basis. So we want to be organizing your groups to make sure that you are ready to go on launch, pull your gold and get someone to come out searching for you. 

Prepare For Territory Wars

Once you claim your territory there are a few things you're gonna want to do to prepare for your first. As an owner of a settlement you can decide what's on your enemies declare war. Remember this time I will be in effect across multiple territories. Then you would look to upgrade your crofting stations and the fort upgrades. 

Fort Upgrades

Now these are completely down to personal choice. It will probably be a fort that is more efficient so potentially you would want to upgrade your kitchen first. So you can get some good food in preparation for the war. With the food, you'll be out of upgrading things such as your blisters, cannons and oil that were about the war. Again this will be down to personal choice and what you think will be the best once your settlement and the full upgrades are underway, this is where the fun starts. 

Fun Part

You can activate lifestyle buffs to the people that live within your town and you also get to set the taxes the people who pay while using your crossing stations, your stations, your trading post and the buying houses within your settlement. But don't forget you will need to pay your territory up every 7 days to stop your territory from downgrading. 

These were basics of territory wars, everything that we just run through that will relate to cell phones and territory, making sure you have a function in, if possible populous settlement will mean you have a revenue stream of people actually using your settlement, assuming your taxes are not too high and people are happy with you. 

So you may have some people to join your side. For this purpose, you need to support terror tools. 

How to claim a territory someone else owns?

Let's assume that you missed out on the  settlement in the early stages of the game. You're now ready, the boys are ready to fight and you want to go on the offense and take a settlement for yourself. The way you do this is by activating PVP missions in the territory that you want to attack. Now this can be done by one single company or by multiple companies

To declare war on enemy territory you need to go to the enemy sectors to do PVP missions. Well these PVP missions will lower the influence of that settlement and ultimately throw that settlement into conflict. 

Become a vanguard?

The system rewards the most active companies in the influence race with a high chance of being selected, what we call the vanguard. So when an enemy territory is in conflict ask your child to declare war. There is a price to declare war. 

I think what it was at the top of my head was to make sure you have some gold in the bank ready. Once you've declared war you don't have an opportunity to become the Vanguard. 

If more than one company declares war on the same territory during the conflict stage, the amount of influence a company has contributed towards the conflict increases that is shown to be selected as the Vanguard, also to be eligible a company must have contributed at least ten percent of the total influence required to further that territory conflict.

In the unlikely event that no company contributes over ten percent of any company to be eligible to declare war on the settlement, this is going to be something that you guys do together as a company. Let's say you want to declare war never full and take it for yourselves. We should probably have as many people as we can within your company and head out there and bring their influence down together.

 now as a defending company you don't have to sit and watch if you start to see a influence baga biga you know the people in your territory to PVP three missions to come in the clear warning flag yourself as PVP get out into all lands

Take them down and stop them from doing peacekeeping missions within the territory one way to prepare for the Terrigen wars which we haven't had a chance to try is the new 5 versus 5 system. Now I know that this isn't 50 versus 50, which the lord will be learning to fight in small pockets of groups will really help them within the terrace. Okay you even get attacked. We were attacking a territory. Let's have a look at the war itself. 

The Territory War

Before you even enter the war you'll be able to prepare and set your war groups. You have a screen similar to this where you will have your arming groups and just stand by the list . There is a 15 minute halftime before the war starts you can also order the screen once you are all in the actual war itself. We'll take a look at this from the defendant's point of view. The first thing you're gonna want to be doing is defending points A. B. and C..  we have 3 locations A. B. and C. The attack we need to capture before moving on to your form. Both teams will have something called back tokens . You can use it when the bath opens at the armory. So as a defender you can purchase things such as traps, arrows,  bullets , tags and potions. As an attack that you get to purchase similarly to the thieves also cease weapons. If the attack inside manages to capture A B and C. They will then need to seize the 4. The four is made up of five gates and lots of siege weapons. As an attacker, you need to blow up these gates, the bonds inside the four and capture the final point where you find the one located in the middle of the pool. Pretty simple as an offender you need to stop the attack. At this point, as a defender you want to be really taken a look at your siege parts inventory so there will be a vanguard armory which will allow you to get seige parts which all repair parts. So if the attack inside destroys one of your gates you have the ability to repair the gates. 

Final Verdict

This was the New World Territory Wars Guide in which we have guided you in detail about How To Claim An Empty Territory With Gold, Fort Upgrades and How to claim a territory someone else owns. Keep reading our blog to read more articles like this. 

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