All the enchants in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

When players start to hit max-level at the beginning of a new expansion, everyone effectively starts from the same place. Lower ilevel, no endgame achievements, and limited experience with the game’s encounter. How does a player make a great first impression? Having flasks, food, and (obviously) great transmog indicate a raid-ready player. But to really prove they are serious and ready for Heroic (or even Mythic), they need to be fully enchanted and ready to go.

While cost may be a bigger factor here depending on the enchant and your own personal playstyle, below you’ll find all the Shadowlands enchants available (at least at the expansion’s launch).

Role-specific enchants for tanking, healing, and DPSing

When it comes to weapons, Shadowlands kept it simple — any class can use any Enchant regardless of weapon type, but many enchants favor a specific role:

  • Celestial Guidance — This occasionally increases the character’s primary stat by 5% when attacking, using spells, or abilities. A general enchant usable by anyone.
  • Ascended Vigor — Sometimes increases healing received when taking damage. Mostly for tanking, though it may have niche use in PVP.
  • Eternal Grace — Sometimes causes a burst of healing on the target of your helpful spells and abilities. This will grant healers extra healing.
  • Lightless Force — Has a chance to send out a wave of Shadow energy that strikes the first five enemies in front of the caster when using offensive spells and abilities. Basically, extra AOE damage for DPS.
  • Sinful Revelation — Sometimes cause the target of your attacks to suffer an additional 6% damage from your attacks for 10 seconds. Extra burst damage, and only on enemies already being attacked, not like Lightless Force which could hit an area, including enemies that haven’t been hit yet.

Death Knights, don’t forget about your Runeforges! New Runeforge options have been added in Shadowlands and will allow for more customization.

Of course, these enchants don’t necessarily favor ranged Hunters. For Marksmen and Beast Master Hunters, there are attachments crafted by Engineers for their weapons instead:

Rings provide secondary stats

The rings do what they always do — provide secondary stats. And they are named after the Enchants they are — very straightforward stuff here. There are two versions of each, differing in how much of the stat they give, and of course, how much they will set you back in cost or resources:

Armor enchants that should not be skipped

All Cloak enchants increase Stamina. Three increase a tertiary stat, and the fourth just has more stamina than the others:

  • Fortified Avoidance — Increase Stamina by 20 and Avoidance by 30. This is meant for tanks.
  • Fortified Leech — Increase Stamina by 20 and Leech by 30. Best for DPS to offset of AOE damage, and to help the healers out.
  • Fortified Speed — Increase Stamina by 20 and Speed by 30. Great for healers, melee who need to move around a lot, and anyone who feels their class doesn’t have the same movement options as every other class.
  • Soul Vitality — Increase Stamina by 30. Good for anyone where the tertiary stats don’t provide benefits, and dying is an issue.

The chest enchants all provide an increase to primary stats. Additionally, they sometimes give an extra benefit:

  • Sacred Stats — Increase all stats by 20. This is the cheapest option.
  • Eternal Insight — Increase Intellect by 20 and give your spells and abilities a chance to deal additional shadow damage. This is for DPS casters to do more damage.
  • Eternal Bulwark — Increase Armor by 25 and Strength or Agility by 20. The highest stat is always chosen. This is the catch-all for tanks, so Blizzard didn’t have to make separate enchants for Agility and Strength classes.
  • Eternal Stats — Increase all stats by 30. For when that extra 10 to the primary stat is better than any of the bonuses from the other enchants.
  • Eternal Bounds — Increases Intellect by 20 and your mana pool by 6%. Great for healers, and maybe Arcane Mages.
  • Eternal Skirmish — Increase Strength or Agility by 20 and give auto-attacks and auto-shots a chance to deal shadow damage. This is the catch-all for melee DPS and ranged Hunters.

Primary stat and utility enchants in Shadowlands

When it came to bracers, gloves, and boots, the team was creative. More stats? Utility? They compromised. Each of the three slots focuses only on one primary stat. Each slot also has a “catch-all” enchant that works for anyone. For instance, Intellect users will definitely want their bracers enchanted — but gloves and boots? Totally optional.

Bracer enchants (Intellect + faster Hearthstones)

Glove enchants (Strength + gathering speed)

Boot enchants (Agility + reduced falling damage)

Additional temporary enchants that stack

All of the enchants above will stick around until you replace the gear. But that’s not all! There are additional items that will add temporary enchants. And better yet, they stack with the other enchants! However, worse yet, they are created by professions and will cost a lot of gold or resources. Start crafting!

Armor kits add Stamina to your Chest. Originally in beta it added it four slots: chest, legs, hands, and feet, but they recently changed it so only goes onto one slot, applies about four times as much Stamina. There are two types, Desolate Armor Kit (+16 Stamina) and Heavy Desolate Armor Kit (+32 Stamina). They are both made by Leatherworkers and can be applied for two hours. They stack with the Chest enchant and persist through death. Apply it at the very start of the raid or Mythic dungeons, and be prepared to reapply if your night goes longer than two hours.

When it comes to weapons, there are options. Stones are created by Blacksmiths and increase Attack Power. Oils are created by Alchemists and provide special effects. Each last for one hour.

There are two types of stones, Sharpening Stones are added to bladed weapons — swords, daggers, axes, polearms, and fist weapons. Weightstones are added to maces and staves, though why someone wants to increase the AP on staves is questionable. The available stones are:

If Attack Power isn’t right for your character, then an Oil will be better. There are two oils, crafted by Alchemists, that can be applied in place of a stone:

  • Embalmer’s Oil — Gives you a high chance to heal yourself when you deal damage or healing. If already at full health, grants an absorb shield instead. Of all the temporary weapons augments, this is the best for survivability.
  • Shadowcore Oil — Gives you a high chance to deal additional shadow damage when damaging an enemy. The high chance, and how good shadow damage is, will determine if the randomness of this is better or worse than the sustained increase of the AP from the stones.
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